The following are the resources to support the Startup community to survive through these uncertain times.

Smart Energy Event 2020

August 12, 2020

This year Smart Energy Event is going all virtual on August 18th, 19th and 20th. Don't lose the opportunity to attend it by sitting anywhere in the world.

Free Webinar Wednesdays

August 05, 2020

Weekly learning opportunity for business leaders, service professionals and anyone else interested. Join the Free Webinar Wednesdays for gaining knowledge on Business Development.

August 6: Reopening and Staying Open - How to Assess the Past 60 Days and Prepare for What's Next

July 27, 2020

Whether you’ve already reopened or will be opening this summer, now is the ideal time to start developing a strategic plan for the rest of the year. Register for the live webinar hosted by Score to be prepared for what's coming next.

Top 10 Best Tools for Startups in 2020

July 21, 2020

The Economy has changed it's way to buy & sell since the pandemic and businesses have to adopt the new online tools and applications to approach the right market. To help the startups here are the top 10 tools that they must start practicing.

Energy Talks Webinar Workshops

July 20, 2020

EnergyTalks are running Bi-weekly webinars with Energy Experts. Book your slots now for this interactive series for free. Great way to connect with the industry experts.

TechCrunch's Pitchers & Pitches - July 23

July 17, 2020

Join an interactive pitch-off event for Pitchers+Pitches by TechCrunch on July 23rd and get a chance to connect with the five pitching companies in their virtual booth. Register now for free.

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