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5 Reasons to Put Your Business Through an Accelerator

Accelerators, like the name suggests, are a great way to accelerate your business to the next level. Each accelerator comes with their own individual set of perks and benefits, however today we are going to outline 5 reasons you should find your nearest accelerator (like Energia Ventures) and apply right now!

1. Network

Net work, Network, Network! Every entrepreneur knows that their network is their most valuable asset when it comes to growing their business. Accelerators are an easy and organic way of growing your network to include people who you might not be able to reach on a normal basis. Many accelerators have reach not only within a jurisdiction, but connections to outside the region or potentially even the country. By tapping into the resources and people at an accelerator, you are also expanding your own network to those same reaches!

2. Investment Attraction

Part of any accelerators network is a connection to venture capital partners. These are the people that have the potential to invest in your company and give you the working capital you need for equity in your company. Many accelerator, ours included, are also connected to angel investors. These are smaller denomination investors who are looking to help the right business with their capital and expertise.

3. Partners

Perhaps you are in an accelerator and are looking for a new partner to help you with the business. By joining an accelerator and growing your network, you may be able to find someone who has the exact skillset that you need to take you further. This could be someone that comes in and runs a seminar, one of your fellow cohort members, or a mentor who helps you while in the program!

4. Education

Accelerators aren’t only there to give you valuable connections. Every accelerator aims to create a learning experience that will give you valuable knowledge to make your business better. At the Summer Institute for example, we focus heavily on sales and marketing. With the knowledge you gain from the seminars we run, you will have a better understanding of how to get your product out there and sell it to your customers!

5. The Experience

The best part of an accelerator is the how you go through it. The cohort experience is a valuable source of knowledge and support that you will not get by running you business on a day to day basis. Knowing that the entrepreneurs in your cohort are going through similar experiences as yourself, and hearing about the challenges they are facing makes the journey of entrepreneurship a lot less lonely. Additionally, by having this group experience you get to help others from the experiences you have. Maybe you know how to solve a problem that another entrepreneur is having, because you’ve already faced it in your own journey. In turn, they might have experience in solving one of your problems. A fresh pair of eyes and teamwork never hurts on the entrepreneurial path.

These are just a few of the possible benefits of an accelerator program. Many also offer funding and office space too. Whatever your needs are for your business, it’s always worth it looking into an accelerator program to help you grow. Energia Ventures is a 12-week program that offers this kind of help to entrepreneurs, APPLY NOW if you are a passionate entrepreneur looking to grow!

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