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Energy Innovation Business Plan Competition

Smart Grid Innovation Network Canada (SGIN) and Energia Ventures are excited to announce a national Energy Innovation Business Competition for aspiring entrepreneurs and early-stage companies looking to bring forward exciting ideas to the energy sector. SGIN wants to encourage innovative developments for utilities advancing our need for smart energy and responsive, resilient grids.   


This is a national competition and will culminate annually at SGIN’s Energy Innovation Forum (EIF) conference, where the winners will be announced.  


The Program will be further outlined and presented in detail in the coming months. The suggested topics for the competition include the following: 


  • The Role of AI in the future grid operations 

  • Optimizing grid to building energy design 

  • Enabling tight interoperability 

  • Self-healing grids 

  • Smart Energy designs of the future 

  • Regulator of the Future 

  • Utility of the future 

  • Any other submission that has a tie to Smart Energy 

For more information on the competition, please contact: 

Joe Allen at


For more information on SGIN, please contact: 

Jennifer Bowes at 506 627 9028, 

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